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What we can do for you

Enter Norway Consulting & Accounting assist international and global companies setting up a Norwegian branch or establishing a new company for one or several projects in Norway. Since tax, payroll, employment, VAT, etc. often is based on very detailed and extensive legislation and agreements between different countries, our accountants and legal consultants work closely together to find the correct solutions and offer the best possible guidance to our customers.


Enter Norway Consulting AS help with the decision and tax issues concerning establishing a branch or company according to your needs, legal guidance and practical issues. We can perform the company registration in Norway, assist with employment and HR management issues, assist in different legal issues regarding staff working across borders, relocation services, tax issues concerning both company and employees, VAT and much more.


Enter Norway Accounting AS is an authorized accountancy company with broad expertise in accounting, financial advice and annual accounts. We deliver all sorts of financial services and consultancy within accounting and annual accounts. We offer tax advice, bookkeeping, payroll, handling of tax and social security issues, consulting and all types of accounting services for International and Norwegian companies of all sizes. Some of our accountants have over 20 years of agency experience, working with companies of all sizes and with all sorts of complex tax issues.

What we are particularly good at, are the specific needs of foreign companies that have their main business in another country while they take on projects in Norway and other countries at the same time.

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Our Services

Here are some examples of our services.

VAT Registration

VAT Registration

We offer registration of the company and guidance about the different VAT issues for different types of projects, the regulations and help with all practicalities.

Bringing Employees

Bringing Employees

We assist with immigration, registrations, employment agreements, social security, legal compliance with minimum wages, payroll, HSE-cards, relocation services and much more.

Personal & Corporate Tax

Personal & Corporate Tax

Our certified accountants and consultants work in coordination to assist your company in the best possible way with any personal and corporate tax and VAT issue.

HSE Cards/Green Cards

HSE Cards/Green Cards

We help with all the practicalities required in order to be able to order HSE cards.

Legal services

Legal services

We assist with issues that are important when starting a business, employing staff and taking on projects in Norway. We help with establishment, salaries and union agreements, HR related issues, VAT, tax, and much more.

Company registration

Company registration

We assist with registration of various types of company forms, such as Norwegian-registered foreign business (NUF), limited company (AS), general partnerships (AND/DA) among others.

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Language Supported

  • Norwegian (Scandinavian languages)
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Polish
  • Romanian


This is what previous customers have said after working with us.


Enter Norway Consulting & Accounting have been working with us from the tendering phase and planning phase to facilitate our establishment in Norway, before and after being awarded our first...

Grupo Aldesa/Aldesa Entreprenør

Enter Norway has provided guidance and consulting services about the different Norwegian systems and obligations. They have also performed the registration of our three companies and...


Enter Norway has helped URSSA with their establishment in Norway. URSSA is an innovative and reputable Spanish company which has, amongst others, built the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao...


We have worked with Enter Norway since the planning process of establishing a company in Norway. Enter Norway have guided us through the necessary steps with the corresponding legislation, e...

IDESA Industrial plants French

Enter Norway Consulting has been acting during this period, as a reliable partner, professional and demonstrating great knowledge, work capacity and commitment with...

Copuno Sweden French

For the challenging projects we have been working in, it was necessary experienced and specialized services that Enter Norway provided successfully for the interest of the company....

Ingeniería y Prevencion de Riesgos, S.L. French

We’re pleased to recommend the company Enter Norway. It’s a company whose mission is to facilitate the procedures for the entry of companies and workers into the Norwegian market. As alw...

Celsa Armeringsstål AS

Our experience with Enter Norway is that they are professional and handle their customers (our subcontractors) and us in a good way. The requirements to foreign subcontractors are communicat...

Metso French

Having Enter Norway as our consultant in the process of establishing our company in Norway we benefit from their experience with other companies in similar situations, and their specializati...

Kowalski Consulting French

"Enter Norway is working as Kowalski Consulting's representatives on the Norwegian market. ...

OMPU AB French

Enter Norway Consulting has been very professional towards me as a customer with the help of getting started ...

Protec Industrial Doors B.V. French

Protec Industrial Doors is a manufacterer in The Netherlands of special industrial high security door solutions. In these security markets we mainly have our focus on special project based d...

Looking for projects in Norway?

When you are in the process of looking for projects, placing an offer or planning to move your business to Norway, you probably have a lot of questions and you need someone to inform you about issues that should be taken into consideration before you take on a project.

Starting up project in Norway?

Enter Norway can help you register your company and workers in Norway. We can also guide you through all the required documentation and registration, in order to be competitive and to avoid pitfalls, unexpected stops in the project and punitive sanctions.

Taking on Public Procurement Projects?

Enter Norway has worked with construction projects and Public Procurement Projects for years. The majority of our customers are main contractors and subcontractors within Public Procurement Construction Projects.