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Protec Industrial Doors is a manufacterer in The Netherlands of special industrial high security door solutions. In these security markets we mainly have our focus on special project based door solutions. Also in Norway we have had several projects with high security requirements. We therefore contacted Enter Norway.

Enter Norway first explained to Protec Industrial Doors what should happen as a foreign company when starting a project in Norway. Protec could contact Enter Norway with all our questions and they answered always very adequately. The consultants of Enter Norway was interested in the progress and proactively asked about the status of the projects. If our contact person was on holiday or not in the office, another colleague could immediately answer the questions. They are also easily accessible by telephone and they were able to answer my questions by telephone immediately. In summary, an organization that acts quickly, correctly and adequately. This involvement and quality is important with specific rules in the respective country to ensure that things are properly arranged. We can trust that Enter Norway will take care of our affairs in Norway.

Patrick Kwakernaak
Protec Industrial Doors B.V.