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As a Contract Manager for the company Copuno Sweden AB, I would like to express the good collaboration we have with Enter Norway during more than 6 years working in the construction sector in Norway.

For the challenging projects we have been working in, it was necessary experienced and specialized services that Enter Norway provided successfully for the interest of the company. They have a wide variety of skilled staff that can support foreign companies in different issues that require knowledge of the local market as taxation, accounting, translation, social or commercial services, among many others. Their professionalism shown in all the issues that we needed support has been remarkable, as well as the close personal treatment that significantly contributed to make a reliable relation to solve together any issue appearing during the works.

Our experience collaborating together has been totally successful since we started working in Norway 6 years ago, so it is expected to keep on many more years. This collaboration has contributed for our company to perform a satisfactory job for our clients and to continue expanding our activities in such a challenging market. As a subcontractor providing skilled manpower for construction works, the requirements to meet and comply with the local standards demanding high skilled workforce make necessary the support of a local and reliable partner to create perspectives for a long−term establishment in the country.

Therefore, I can highly recommend Enter Norway as a local partner to work in the Norwegian market and wish them to continue the great job they are doing for the foreign companies in order to get success for the projects in the country.

Aitor Espinosa Flor
Contract Manager
Copuno Sweden AB, Norwegian Filial