Our company, Bridge & Tunnel structures, is a company that takes on subcontracting projects of all types of steel and concrete structures as bridges, tunnels, concrete slabs, concrete walls, foundations, waterproofing projects, etc.

We have contributed in projects like the Folloline project of Bane NOR between Oslo city center and Ski, under the main contractors AGJV and OHL, and the new train line Arna-Fløen of Bane NOR under main contractor Azvi.

We have worked with Enter Norway since the planning process of establishing a company in Norway. Enter Norway have guided us through the necessary steps with the corresponding legislation, such as tax and VAT. They have established our company and helped us to find the most efficient ways of organizing the company in order to be ready to work as fast as possible when we obtained the contracts with our customers. They have a team of different resources that have coordinated the different issues, so that everything was ready to focus 100% on our project once we started, and avoiding delays.

Enter Norway has a strong focus on our compliance with both the Norwegian legislation and the contract with our customer, and we have during our time in Norway passed regular controls by the client and the public authorities, and we have always received positive feedback that everything has been in accordance with the legislation. We feel safe that Enter Norway knows what we need to comply with, inform us if we need to do changes and help us to implement the necessary routines for compliance.

When we first started to work with Enter Norway our case was mostly handled by their consultants and accountants. Later we mostly work with their accountants, but still receive regularly support from their consultants when we do changes in the company or projects, or situations occur where we need support in particular situation we are entering. The staff of Enter Norway are always available and happy to help us, and they appear to us as very specialized on what they do and we benefit from their years of experience on specialized work for foreign companies establishing in Norway . We have never received such coordinated and efficient support in other countries that we are operating in.

We strongly recommend Enter Norway to other international companies that are in process of entering the Norwegian market.

Manuel Bravo Rodríguez
Country Manager
BT Structures