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Who we are

Enter Norway offer services within business consulting and accounting for international companies establishing companies and branches and taking on projects in Norway.

Enter Norway’s mission is to provide companies with all they need to start up their business in Norway and doing the whole process correctly from the start, from establishing companies or branches, provide administrative services and HR services, provide assistance with posted workers, social security, work contracts, offer juridical help, advice with economi and accounting, , corporate and private taxation, guidance and practical help with import/export, documentation and other practical help with running companies and projects in Norway. We follow our customers from before they arrive in Norway until everything is finished and closed and all obligations are completed. We have a team of people with different skills working together on all the projects, and we make sure that our experts within the different work areas are monitoring each step of the process with each company.

Why us?

  • Specialized on working with foreign companies in Norway
  • Highly skilled team
  • We are a local company with a very specialised experience in our market
  • Able to work very fast when project are urgent, in order to get all processes ready in time!
  • Good communication with our customers
  • Great references
  • Affordable prices
  • All of our customers will be treated with the same high level of service
  • We can give you “on the spot” help to solve practical issues

We work in 10 languages.

We take your process very seriously and we want you and your team to succeed.