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Metso is a world leading company specialized in the mining industry, stone industry and flow control of slurries by using pumps, hoses, valves and accessories. Our knowledge, staff and solutions provide sustainable solutions regarding the resources and profitability of our clients.

We offer products, systems, projects and services, and large projects are typical for the mining industry, while other sectors like aggregate production and the oil and gas sector can include complete projects or customized products or projects. We have 14.000 experts world wide and have clients in 50 countries. Our solutions are based on decades of experience resulting in a wide range of services.
In Norway we have participated in projects for AGJV and Jernbaneverket at Follobanen.

We had our first assignment in Norway from November 2015, and we have used Enter Norway for everything that has to do with planning how to establish, establishing the company, registration of employees, tax and VAT issues, relocation of staff, and all administrative issues related to the activities we were going to do in Norway.

Our experience with Enter Norway is that they handle all issues about how we need to adapt to the Norwegian requirements, by informing us about issues that will appear in the process, presenting solutions to problems along the way, and guiding us step by step trough the processes before, while and after our project and making sure we are informed and adapted to the new situation.

Having Enter Norway as our consultant in the process of establishing our company in Norway we benefit from their experience with other companies in similar situations, and their specialization on exactly the type obstacles we will run into when entering the Norwegian market for the first time.

Working with Enter Norway from we started the planning of the project in Norway has been an enormous benefit, because they could tell us already before we signed the contract what should be considered for entering the Norwegian market. In the contract meetings with the customer we have been aware of the issues that are particular for the Norwegian market.

Our experience with Enter Norway is that they inform us in a good way what needs to be considered, they inform us about typical differences between working in other countries and working in Norway, they keep track of what we need and they tell us about pitfalls and other companies experiences with similar issues. They handle our communication and reports to the Norwegian public departments and has helped us with any problem along the way.

They are dedicated to finding the best solutions for our company and our specific situation. They are efficient, specialised on what they do, and easy to work with and they are dedicated and take care of our company in all aspects. Since they also speak Spanish it has also been easy for our administration to work with them directly. They have our full trust and we are happy to recommend them to other companies.

Eduardo Diaz
Sales director, Proyect director